Monday, October 20, 2008

young + dongjo 10.18.08

I love the venue that Young & Dongjo selected - the Brooklyn Botanic gardens. The ceremony was outside and the reception followed in the Palm House. The flowers were understated - orchids, roses, cala lilies and dahlias in shades of pink and white. Also some pink and white hydrangea with pink hypernicum berries for some of the center pieces.


Heather B. said...

Your designs are so inspirational! Would you some time tell us about what it takes to prepare for a wedding? I'm thinking of leaving my graphic design career for floral design and would especially like to specialize in weddings/events and work out of my home. What advice would you have?

lilytrue said...

Heather -

Thank you for the compliment! It takes a lot of work to prep for a wedding - from confirming with the client exactly what they want to ordering the correct about of each type of flower to actually assembling the arrangements.

Before you decide to leave a career, I would definitely build the small business on the side; though it is a lot of work! A book I would recommend is the 'The E-myth Revisited'. It is a must for ANY small business (especially for creative people - we need to be reminded about the business side of the process).

I'll do a couple posts in the coming month about floral design process - from working with a client to actually putting pieces together. A lot of it for me was trial and error.

Hope this helps!